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On this site, you can learn more about the LAMI® dust control system, dust and dust suppression, water, health and more. With more than a decade of real-life experience, we have gathered loads of precious information which we want to share with you.


Dust is more than the tiny particles itching  in your nose after visiting the attic. Learn more about the tiny particles in our air.


Learn more about our internationally patented LAMI® dust suppression system. Years of development have made it a sophisticated and elaborate system.


Dust not only itches in your nose, it also affects your lungs, your blood vessels and many more. Dust can harm your body in numerous ways.


Our years of experience have made us experts in water knowledge and usage.

rain falling onto a dusty street

Does rain clean the air?

After rainfall the air feels fresher, cleaner. The rain has washed the air of its impurities, we might think. But is this actually the case? Does rain clean the air, really? And if so, how does it? We investigate.

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