Dust control has never been so easy.

More than just parts

Our dust suppression system consists not only of individual products. LAMI® is a complete system which starts at the water source and spreads throughout the whole company – no matter if it is a crusher, a conveyor belt or a street.

LAMI® is more

LAMI® offers more than just a system. We provide your company with top-notch customized planning, pump dimensioning, service and maintenance, communication with authorities and with the public and many more.


The LAMI® System is internationally patented and runs with only water. Years of experience have made it a sophisticated system, composed of numerous fine-tuned components – the right nozzles at the right place, pressure-regulation mechanisms and more.

Patented LAMI dust control system RBB nozzle sketch


360° Coverage

The RBB offers 360° of dust suppression coverage.


It hangs light from overhead cables with a weight of only 1kg per metre.

Extreme water efficiency

The RBB is LAMI®'s most efficient nozzle. 1 Liter of water for up to 72m² of dust suppression.

Patented LAMI dust control system DSB nozzle sketch


Standing installation

The DSB is installed standing alongside the dusty area.


In combination with the DSB Protector even very long distances can be covered.

Easy set up

As with the other LAMI® products, DSB is installed quickly and easily.

Patented LAMI dust control system NBB nozzle sketch


Active fog curtain

The NBB is set up so as to effect a "fog curtain", which forms a barrier through which dust cannot penetrate.

Airborne dust elimination

NBB fights the airborne dust particles directlyand forces them to the ground.

Simple and easy dust control

No complex filtration or high pressure pumps are necessary. The system creates barely any noise.

Choose your package

We offer three different trial packages. Choose the one that will suit your purposes best and contact us for a customized system.

For detailed technical information, delivery conditions and other questions please contact us.

DSB Roadside

100m Manual Operation
99 excl. Shipping & VAT
  • 16 LAMI® DSB nozzle heads + LAMI® protector
  • 16 LAMI®DSB nozzle stands
  • 100m piping + fittings + valves + clamp saddles
  • LAMI® filter KEF 1"
  • Start unit: ball valve + fittings

RBB Overhead

100m Manual Operation
99 excl. Shipping & VAT
  • 16 LAMI® RBB nozzles
  • 100m LAMI® SH piping + hooks + fittings + ball valve 1"
  • 20m supply pipe (can be easily enlarged) + fittings + ball valve 1"
  • 100m steel cable + fixing points
  • LAMI® filter KEF 3/4"

NBB Fog Curtain

Dust Control for Extreme Conditions
99 excl. Shipping & VAT
  • 8 LAMI® NBB nozzles
  • 16m LAMI® SH piping + hooks + fittings
  • 20m steel cable + fixing points
  • 20m supply pipe (can be easily enlarged) + fittings + ball valve 1"
  • LAMI® filter KEF 3/4"

By buying our products you automatically acquire the license to run the patented LAMI® Systems for life.

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Recent studies have shown that the Coronavirus could attach itself to fine dust and travel over far distances. This could be a reason for the extreme spread in Italy.