About LAMI®

For us - for the planet.

Water scarcity and air quality are two of the most urgent problems facing us in a climate changing world.

Our vision

Here in the heights of the Austrian Alps, we, and many generations before us, have been blessed with clean, fresh air. No dust, no smog, no air pollution. Nature presides still, abundant and pure. That first drawing in of breath, of clean and natural air, refreshens and livens the soul. This is air how it was, is, and can continue to be.

Our story

LAMI® was raised on alpine air. For years our mission has been to help others keep their air clean. We believe that air of a good quality should be a matter of course, not a privilege for the few. We’ve combined our experiences of naturally clean air with our expertise in water engineering to develop products we feel are a key tool in the fight for clean air. They’ve been running here in Austria for over 10 years in a variety of sectors.