Breathe easy using the LAMI® dust control system

With LAMI®, natural dust suppression is a breeze. Our patented technologies are chemical free and modify the microclimate so that no dust can emerge.

Our patented dust control systems work effectively and dramatically decrease your water usage. This means lower operating costs, no excess drainage water and a smaller ecological footprint.

Patented natural rain technology

Incredibly small water usage – for our planet.


Recent studies have shown that the Coronavirus could attach itself to fine dust and travel far distances. This could be a reason for the extreme spread in Italy. Suppress the dust!

The LAMI®System

100% WATER

The only ingredient LAMI® Systems need to effectuate effective dust suppression is water – 1 Liter of water for 72m² dust suppression. LAMI® offers up to 100% dust reduction and suppression. The LAMI® System is completely environmentally neutral.

You order, we do the rest.

Buying a LAMI® System not only means optimal dust suppression. LAMI® navigates your company through the jungle of regulations, plans and develops the perfect solution for your site of application . You order and we do the rest.

LAMI® was inspired by nature.

Natural drizzle is our inspiration.

Your partner for a healthy future

With LAMI®, the way to natural, clean air is a breeze.

Why LAMI®?

LAMI® has the edge over its competitors – in many respects:

Water efficiency

The LAMI® dust control systems were developed for the most effective water usage possible to help save water and money.


The LAMI® Systems are customized specifically for their deployment site. They are fully modular and can be expanded at all times.

Patented technology

The LAMI® Systems are internationally patented. Using a LAMI® System guarantees optimal and easy dust suppression. By buying a LAMI® System from official retailers you automatically obtain the license for running it.

Natural dust suppression
made easy

With the patented LAMI® System, dust control is easy.


We at LAMI® believe in bringing sustainable dust control solutions to companies around the globe. For over 10 years, LAMI® has been committed to providing our clients with clean and ecologically friendly systems which are proven to work. Developed in the Austrian Alps, our patented products and technologies are chemical free, cost effective, and easy to install. We believe in using water, not wasting it.

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